Pedophile Who Wants To Infect Kids With HIV Released On Bail


HIV-positive pedophile was granted bail despite the fact that he planned to infect children with the virus.

The Christies Beach Magistrates Court in Adelaide allowed Jadd William Brooker to live in detention at his grandmother’s home. But, the 38-year-old was in custody because prosecutors want to appeal the decision in the Supreme Court.

Australian police officers believe that an HIV-positive pedophile should not be freed as he pursued teens for sexual intercourse and did his best to remove the evidence.

“(The surviving victim) was unaware of Brooker’s medical status when they engaged in sexual activity, and he is currently undergoing medical testing,” prosecutors told the court.

Brooker’s mother visited him in prison. He asked her to delete his Facebook account and other web accounts, giving her his email and password for his Microsoft Live account.

“Given the nature of the charges, a lot of potential evidence is stored in the cloud – potentially millions of pieces of evidence – and this is an attempt to destroy it before police can uncover it,” prosecutors added.

Brooker contacted 19 children aged 13-16 for online sex. There is evidence of his connection with other pedophiles.

The police warned Magistrate Rodney Oates about the man, but Brooker was granted the bail. The man had no criminal record.

“I do take into account the fact other charges are being investigated but, in relation to this bail application, I must focus on the charges that are before this court,” he told the court.

Brooker has yet to plead many counts of disseminating and possession of child exploitation material. He committed the crime from December 2015 to August 2020. Brooker was even involved in an unlawful relationship with two teen boys.

According to investigators, Brooker tried to “infect both children and adults with HIV.”

Magistrate Oates released the pedophile on $1000 bail, allowing him to live with his grandmother while being under constant monitoring.

Prosecutors tried to appeal the decision, and Brooker’s release was delayed.